Colección: Arhuacas

This handwoven bag is not just a beautiful accessory, it's a piece of art that carries a deep cultural significance. Made by the skilled Arhuaca women in the heart of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it represents the sacred symbol of the womb in their culture. The process of creating this bag is a labor of love, starting from selecting and washing the sheep wool, to spinning and weaving it into a natural beige unicolor bag. The intricate beading takes an additional week, making each bag a unique masterpiece.

When you own one of these bags, you are not just acquiring a fashion statement, you are supporting the livelihoods of the Arhuaca women who have dedicated their lives to preserving their traditions and heritage. Each bag is a materialization of the thoughts and creativity of its maker, making it a truly special and meaningful piece. So why settle for a mass-produced bag when you can own a one-of-a-kind piece of art that carries a story and a cultural legacy? Get your Arhuaca bag today and be a part of something special.